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Re-Creating You!

  • 04 Mar 2021
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
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Ron Martyn of ActivityPro celebrates Recreation Professionals month with us!

The Post-Pandemic Challenge:

Re-Creating YOU!

In your wildest dreams, could you have ever imagined experiencing like we have lived through over the past 12 months? This has been the most traumatic, disruptive event in the history of health care, and especially so for those of us caring and providing services for seniors.

Serving such a diverse population under any circumstances requires exceptional skills and dedication. For over a year, every one of you have had to adapt, to pivot, to alter whatever you were doing before, and find new solutions in the face of an ever-expanding list of challenges.

And ……. you have done it!

You have adapted and changed, you have provided new and exciting programs. You have re-created what recreation programming looks like in your care setting. What you have done to your programs reflects the very derivation of our profession.

Recreation – from the Latin root recreare, meaning to create again, or to create anew or to refresh.

Our objective in offering recreation programs is to provide our residents the opportunity to create again, or to create anew, or to be refreshed. Through this pandemic, you have re-created your entire approach to your work. You have re-created what you do, how you do it, and how others see you.

Whether you know it or not, you have re-created you! You are a different person now. By changing your approach to work, by expanding your scope of practice, you have elevated yourself to a new level in the care continuum.

You have already Re-Created You!

Now we are challenging you to use what you have done, and learned, to elevate your status in the care continuum to the level you deserve.

3 Focuses of this session:

  • 1.     Acknowledge your accomplishments

Stop what you are doing, and together, we will look at what you have done.

  • 2.     Build your Self-Confidence

We will identify behaviour that might be holding you back, and outline 4 simple steps to help you elevate your self-confidence

  • 3.     Promote yourself

You know you are doing a great job, and the key to promoting yourself effectively is to do it without sounding boastful. We will explore 8 strategies that you can incorporate into your practice – 8 strategies that will make you look great – because you are!

 Accept this challenge, and in one hour, you will have all the tools you need to firmly establish you as a re-created, empowered and essential contributor to the care of your residents.


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