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Education Bursary

Recreation Professionals of Ontario will be awarding two, $300.00 bursaries this year to an active RPO member who has enrolled in a post secondary Recreation Course at a Recognized College or University (continuing education/on-line courses are acceptable) 

This bursary is provided by RPO – Recreation Professionals of Ontario. RPO was formed in 1984 by a group of Recreation Professionals in Central Ontario who were interested in providing a forum for education, networking, and standard setting.

Criteria for Consideration of Bursary

1.     Applicant must be an active member of RPO. Not a member? Click here

2.     Applicant must be enrolled and show proof of enrolment in recreation program (continuing education or on-line enrolment will be considered).

3.     The program must be related to the field of Recreation/TR.

4.     Applications must be submitted to no later than June 30th,2018.

Fill out Application and send to

Activity Of The Year 

Purpose: to increase opportunities for idea sharing among RPO members, to encourage creativity in program planning and to allow Recreation Professionals to be recognized.

Criteria for Consideration of Award

  1. Applicant must be an active member of RPO. Not a member? Click here

  2. Program must be planned, coordinated and implemented by an active member of the RPO.  (If multi-facility program, inform other facilities of your   submission.)

  3. Program must have taken place within 18 months prior to nomination deadline date.

  4. On-going or continual programs must be in existence for at least 3 months to demonstrate its effectiveness.

  5. All documentation relating to the program must be intact and available for examination if needed.

  6. All materials submitted will become the properties of RPO and will be copied for all participants as part of entry to “Outstanding Activity of the Year.”

  7. The overall winner agrees to chair the “Activity Judging Committee” of the following year.  The Awards chairperson, or any individual on the Activity Judging Committee are excluded from entering for that current year.

  8. The program must be related to the field of Recreation/TR.

  9. Applications must be submitted to no later than July 16th2018.

Fill out Application and send to

Mentor Of The Year

We are accepting Nominations for the “Mentor Award of Excellence.” To nominate your Mentor (Administrator, General Manager, Boss, the person who is in charge or responsible for the administration of the facility) please submit the following information by category.

Note: you as nominator must be a current member of Recreation Professionals of Ontario

Applications must be submitted to no later than July 9th 2018

Fill out Application and send to


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